How to Handle Refunds

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First of all, nobody likes refunds. Nobody wakes up in the morning and says, “You know what I hope I see when I first look at my email today…A REFUND! Happy joy! Fun!”

Inevitably, refunds are part of the online course/product world.

Having a guarantee on your online course is critical to success (my suggestion is a 30-day money back guarantee) because even if you get some refunders, you are giving peace of mind to your buyers (the risk is on you) and that increases conversion rates and buyers who might normally not buy.

Tips on dealing with refunds and refunders:

#1: Don’t take it personally. Yes, you won’t like it (I’ve been doing this for years and still don’t like it) but don’t let a refunder be a reflection of your work or you.

#2: Don’t do it yourself. One of my BIG tips is you don’t want to do customer service yourself (and refunds fall under customer service). Not only will you not grow your business if you do customer service yourself, you will start getting angry. And we want you happy. This can easily be outsourced/insourced to a VA who is great with people.

#3: Never beg and plead. Swifty process the refund (or have your VA do it) and then just move on as opposed to begging and pleading with someone to not refund. Focus on the people who DO want to be in your course and want to get results.

#4: Stick to your guns. Many refunders like to give you all kinds of advice to improve. 99% of it is BS. Don’t listen to it. Stick with what you are doing. Is there ever a reason to listen to refunders? Maybe, if everyone refunds for the same reason you could consider an update to your course (example: every single person who refunds tells you the videos are too long…you could chop ’em up or something). That being said, I  don’t recommend asking people why they want a refund, just refund and move on but many people like to give “unsolicited advice.”

#5: Your course requires work for people to get results. I don’t care what the topic is, there is work to be done. Have a special smile reserved for people who say “I don’t have time to go through this” or “I didn’t know there would be work” hehe. Just smile and move on.

#6: Don’t let people take advantage of you…stick to your policies. If you have a 30-day refund and someone tries to refund on day 31…nope. As the Soup Nazi said in Seinfeld: “No soup for you!” …. “No refund for you!” Obviously, you or your customer service peep(s) will put that in a much nicer way 😉

#7: Advanced tip: Tag ’em/list ’em. Depending on your email software, what we do is we add refunders to a special email list/tag. Then I don’t send them stuff by excluding that list from emails. Am I saying refunders are bad people? Yes. J/k….but kinda.

#8: At the end of the day, refunds, refund-rates and stuff like that really doesn’t matter. What matters is the people who want to be there (worth repeating). Focus your time and energy on them and swifty boot the refunders.

Whew! That about covers it. If you want a fun drinking game, re-read the above email and drink every time you see the word “refund” or “refunder.”

Hope you enjoyed the tips from years of experience.