Matt Gerchow is interviewed about Travel, Lifestyle and Internet Marketing…

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In this video Matt Gerchow is interviewed by Greg Jeffries. They talk about business, travel, life and a lot of things in-between. One of the biggest lessons to learn from this video is to not quit on yourself. Even when the chips are down and things look bleak, just keep working and keep your chin up. Eventually all the factors that are fighting you give up, and make way for your greatness!


Greg: All right so my special guest today is Matt Gerchow. He makes multiple 5 figures a month, expert at SEO, he’s a founder of which is a awesome membership site that teaches you how to make money online.

One of my favorite things about him is he’s traveled the world basically living the internet marketing lifestyle, a lot of the things that you’re sold in these internet marketing videos and products out there, Matt’s actually done. I’m not just talking about traveling, but he’s actually lived in these places for several months at a time. Matt, welcome to the show.

Matt: Hey, how’re you doing Greg? Thanks for having me.

Greg: I want to give people a little bit of context into how I know Matt. I think that’s pretty important. I met Matt about a year ago at the internet marketing party. I live here in Austin, Texas and Matt was here visiting. What got my attention about Matt is we just kind of walked up to each other and he aliante casino jobs, “I’m visiting here from Mexico.

I just decided to come here and visit and I’m thinking about moving here in Austin.” I thought that was really awesome because you don’t meet to many people that are just kind of wander into a different city and just say I’m thinking about just relocation here just on a whim.

That really got my attention. Eventually Matt did move here a couple months later like he said and we met up a couple times more at the internet marketing party and just became friends from there. I just want to give that context because it’s important to know how I meet these certain people that I interview and stuff rather than just …

Sometimes you randomly meet at an event and things like that. It’s cool to know the context of this relationship and stuff.

Ok, Let’s just dive right into these questions here. I’ve got a couple questions that I know you know the answer to and you’ve kind of alluded to these the times we have hung out and stuff. I think these are some awesome questions that will give people a lot of value that are tuning into this. You had mentioned that your success …

Let’s just put it this way. There’s a million different ways to make money online offline. What was the vehicle that got you from a job to freedom, basically? Living the internet marketing lifestyle.

Matt: It’s kind of a long story but what took me from the job to not having a job was getting fired. Back in 2001, I was working at a fuel state holding company out of Miami. They were fairly large, multiple billion dollar company. When 911 hit, every department had to lay someone off.

I was the newest guy there and also I didn’t really like what I was doing, they knew it. They said we’re gonna cut our ties. I started doing real estate investing and much like the internet marketing game, it took a long time. I never set any records in getting things done fast.

I would get into something but I would just stick with it. I loved what Gary Vaynerchuk says, you’re here to get hit. What I think separates us and makes us stronger is the ability to get beat up over and over and over again and still get up and get in front of the computer that next day or later on that night and just borderlands 2 dragon keep slot machines download going, and just keep pushing through.

What took me from job to no job in … Looks like you’re getting some praise there.

Greg: Yeah somebody’s tuning in. Didn’t expect it.

Matt: I was living in Columbia and I had a bunch of real estate in Miami. The real estate market turned and I decided that I’m going to bail the country and I was in the process of moving to Argentina. I decided to move to Columbia after I met Sandra, who’s now my wife. As soon as I got to Columbia, it was like, okay, I can take a breath.

There’s no collection companies calling. There’s no pressure from the real estate market collapsing and dealing with all that. It was like I was able to really see clearly. Okay, what do I want to do? The challenge was every direction I turned, I would just hit a brick wall. I couldn’t work in Columbia because I didn’t speak Spanish.

I couldn’t invest in real estate down there because I wasn’t a citizen. I couldn’t work in Columbia because I wasn’t a Colombian citizen and you could analyze this 10 different ways. What it came down to is I got to make money on the internet.

I was building a company called MLS Gorilla where what it would do is it would take the properties out of the multiple listings service and then it would merge them with certain data fields and it would produce an offer to purchase that then you could send to the listing agent. What we would do is we’d offer like $0.40 on the dollar and what we’re trying to do is identify short sales. I worked on that for awhile and then I dealt with so many development issues that I kind of stopped working on it.

Then we found out that my wife was pregnant and she was not gonna be able to work later on down the road which presented a whole new set of challenges. I was dinking around with some affiliate marketing trying to get some things going. Actually, I had a website called the real estate and it had hyphens between the words.

I was trying to get that going as a social network. That had its own challenges. If anyone’s ever tried to create a social network, you know that that’s not the easiest thing to do. You really have to get the traction within the market and the support of that market. It’s kind of hard to do when you’re in a foreign country. One of the things I realized was that a lot of people look at you as that foreigner now one you get to the foreign country. They don’t consider you a expat that is down there.

The vehicle … I sold that company and we immediately took off traveling. We left for San Andres Island which is off of the coast of Costa Rica. We were there for a month, came back for a month and then we left for Thailand for 6 months.

Greg: That was all from this company?

Matt: Yeah. That’s how I met my current business partner John [Schroder 00:07:43] as well. We had been friends through my … Basically about a year before I left and I kept in touch with him after I got down there and then he’s a developer and he was able to take my MLS Gorilla program. I’d spent about 2 years trying to develop it and within 3 weeks he was able to rewrite it for me. A month after that I was able to sell it for close to $100,000.

Greg: How did you … I’ve heard of companies selling things like that, software’s and licensing and then to selling companies in general. How did you, I mean you had some experience in that, but how did you find that fire?

Matt: All companies it sounds like okay, yeah you just … It’s kind of like when someone gets a job. You assume that they sent it their resume and the people called them. Where 9 times out of 10, it’s like so and so knows so and so and they got you an interview and yeah maybe you’re not qualified on paper but you’re the best person for the job.

Kind of a similar situation. A guy named Zach Childres who’s a fairly major real estate marketer, he wasn’t at the time, he was working with Jeff Adams at the time and I came to him with this project and I said, “Zach, would you want to become my partner in this and invest some money into it?” He ended up investing I want to say twenty, thirty grand into getting it done and getting it to market. The thing was taking off like hotcakes.

I was in the foreign country mode and was presented with a situation where he offered to buy me out of the company and having a baby on the way, it made a lot of sense. I think there was … Zach was gonna be out traveling the country promoting it. I don’t think that it made the best sense for him to have a business partner in it and realistically he went through so much crap with that software. I wish him the very best.

He ended up buying it off me and I got my first wire transfer on that about 7 hours before Mateo was born. I went from … You know the entrepreneurial story as well as anyone. I went from being in Colombia, living on a tiny bit of money that my parents had given us for the wedding and that was dwindling to nothing. We’re not talking about a big amount of money, we’re talking a couple grand. My wife was having to stop work to have the baby and now we had money. I did the logical thing. I planned a trip for a month to a remote island.

Greg: Basically it happened overnight but it was like 5 years then overnight.

Matt: Yeah, 5 years then overnight. We went to Thailand for 6 months, ran out of money. I got a large tax return in while we were over there. We came back to Colombia. I now had about two grand a month in affiliate income and I was making that go in Colombia somehow.

Greg: Did you teach yourself that in that time?

Matt: What it was is, I took some of the money and I bought some sites off Flippa and I was nurturing those all through Thailand and using that over there add maybe thirteen hundred a month. Which wasn’t enough but I had a little bit of the money left and somehow we made it work. It was stressful though. I highly don’t recommend that you do the travel with anticipation that you’re just gonna make money over there some how. At the same time, had I not gone with that intention, I may have never gone.

Greg: You were like urging me, you got to travel, you absolutely got to travel. Is that really affected your view of the world or your success in internet marketing in anyway of having those perspectives?

Matt: Let me put it this way. We’re doing quite well financially now. I’ve been in the Philippines with $700 on the bank and no return tickets and a 1 year old and a wife and living in an apartment where there sucking the air out of both sides because they’ve got improper ventilation so you feel like you’re dying and it’s 110 degrees and the air conditioning will bring it down to about 90. Having that fear is unhealthy but now when I look at situations that I face here in the first world, I’m just like whatever. I’ve seen and experienced so much more, felt so much more than this that really the problems I have now just seem so small in comparison.

When we got back to Columbia, it was like, okay, I’ve got some sites. They’re making money but I need more sites. I worked very hard at convincing my business partner, John who’s now my business partner, to create this website hosting solution that would essentially do what he was doing with real website, one of his companies, he was creating real estate websites but this would create more affiliate based websites and it would promote what, at the time, we called the niche traffic builder.

No that is correct, niche traffic builder. The company at the time was called niche traffic builder. The way it worked is you would build little satellite sites that all fed your main money site. When that first copy that went live. I was able to build 23 websites in 28 hours. It was like a massive impact on getting sites out to the market.

About 2 months later, that’s now making $300 bucks a day and I’m living in the culture where $10,000 a month is like brain surgeon. It really gave me the ability to take a breath again and say okay, what do we want to do. From there, I forget where we went next but we-

Greg: How did you come up with that strategy that you knew that that would work or what-

Matt: Well those were based on sites that were already making money. I had affiliate sites that were already making a little bit of money and all I did was create more of the same sites just based on different keywords. Now that strategy isn’t as fond anymore because this was all prior to penguin and panda and all the other updates that have happened along the way. It was a solid strategy back then.

Greg: About what year was that?

Matt: 2011, 2010…

Greg: Not to long ago.

Matt: From there I believe our next trip was back to Thailand and we went to Vietnam for awhile. We went to Thailand, went to Singapore and just kept on traveling to different countries and enjoying automated income. It was kind of one those things that I didn’t know when it was gonna end and I feel like I’ve lived like 7 lifetimes already. I’ve just been, done so much. I lived in 5 different states in the United States and had businesses or worked prominent jobs in each of them. My whole thing originally was, okay if I can get to Thailand and live there for 6 months, well anything else after that is a bonus, I’m kind of ready to die. Oh, it sounds like the families coming home.

Greg: In regards to travel. I guess one of the things that keeps me from it or has kept me from it so far, just not knowing what to do, not knowing how to do it. I think from talking to you that seems to be some of the lies that we tell ourselves. It seems like you just did it. In order to learn how to do it, you just like, forget it, I’ll fail, whatever it takes. I’m just gonna do it and figure it out. You said that was one of the greatest things that you did. You went back multiple times. I’m sure the second time was better than the first but you went there the first time and experienced it and it seemed to really have a big impact on the way you approach things.

Matt: If I could do it again I would recommend moving to a country that’s within your same time zone, to the north or south from where you’re at currently. We’re here in Austin, you could go to Panama or to Argentina.

Greg: Just to get your feet wet?

Matt: Yeah. You can do a lot more. What happened to me in Thailand was I got over there expecting to have some really big deals go through right after I got over there and they both fell apart. I was exactly 12 hours different so midnight to me was noon (in the USA) and noon to me was midnight (in the USA). I got sick when I got there, I wasn’t able to keep in touch with people as well. I had 2 deals from about 60 grand together that was gonna finance my first trip that both fell apart within, I don’t know, I want to say about 6 days after I got to Thailand. If I could do it again, I’d like to say that I wouldn’t change anything but I probably would have traveled to something that was on the same timezone so I could have gotten those deals closed or I probably would have waited til those deals closed. As you know, when you’re waiting to get things done before you go, before you do, things just never happen.

Greg: To put a ballpark number on it to give people some idea of what it would cost to just … I’m not talking living luxuriously over there but just to live over there. I’m not talking about staying in a 5 star hotel or anything.

Matt: You could go and you could stay at, there’s this lady they call her Mama and she has Mama’s restaurant and she’ll rent you a room for $150 a month. We didn’t stay this inexpensively but mostly because we had the family. Otherwise I would. I have friends that are UFC fighters that stayed there and they were perfectly happy with it.

You get a room for $150 bucks a month and then she serves the most awesome Thai food and it’s like $1.50 a meal. That includes the most awesome curry, pineapple shake and I think an egg roll or 2. You can’t eat it all and rice, you can’t eat it all and she has a nice pool there. For like $400, $500 bucks a month, you could be living there but I would budget for a single person about 2 grand a month. For a family I would budget 12 grand a month and this is in addition to your flights.

Greg: Which I’ve heard is the most expensive thing. Once you get there it’s not really that expensive to live.

Matt: Moving around it what’s expensive. Once you get somewhere in the 3rd world, it’s pretty inexpensive.

Greg: You did the real estate thing, you got the software and that kind of helped snowball and fund this initial part of your journey in internet marketing and then from there you went to SEO niche sites?

Matt: Mm-hmm (affirmative).

Greg: Basically, you didn’t try to learn this initially from scratch. You just went and bought existing sites that were already profitable right?

Matt: Highly recommend that. If you’ve got 10 grand to spend on getting started. You really need to do your due diligence, like really do your due diligence because there’s so much scam and so much garbage out there but if you can buy something that’s already making a profit… Oh my gosh, the sites I bought were making on the high side like $500 a month, something like that. I’m not able to disclose the number publicly but I’ve disclosed them with you. There’s quite a bit of difference between what they were making then and what they make now.

Greg: Wow so you’ve still got some of those sites?

Matt: Oh yeah.

Greg: I’ve heard mixed reviews of basically any platform out there but with Flippa there’s the horror stories that go along with the positive ones as well. Have your results been pretty much positive with dealing with people?

Matt: No actually I stopped buying on Flippa because I got the initial sites were good but I had 4 losers right after that. I was just like wow. What it came down to finally was I had niche builder and I could build my own sites so I didn’t need to just be at the mercy. What you end up with on Flippa a lot of times, you have people that are just cranking out sites, just one after another and then they’re selling off the ones that didn’t work for them or the ones that aren’t to profitable. Does that make sense?

Greg: Right yeah.

Matt: They’re trying to get just whatever they can for them.

Greg: I like what you say in the beginning though. The thing that separates entrepreneurs especially in internet marketing from everybody else is you’ve got some winners but you had some losers. Some people might have taken that hit and quite all together just because they had maybe 4 in a row, that would have been enough to knock them down and quite.

Matt: Let me tell you about my real estate investment story. It took me 18 months to buy my first property and then I lost $38,000 on that property.

Greg: That’s painful.

Matt: Most people would quite then. Get their lumps. I remember when I realized that I was gonna be taking this loss was when we went to visit the property, this duplex in this terrible neighborhood and the guy that was doing my plumbing decided he was going to just rip all my walls and ceilings out to put the plumbing in.
I remember my legs just buckling and I’m just sitting there going oh my god. I’m a hundred and two grand in debt on this thing. What am I gonna do? It was one of those moments where you’re at the low of the low of the low in your life and it’s kind of like that moment in the Philippines. You somehow get through it. That makes you so strong for the next thing. That moment might have made me strong for the moment in the Philippines.

Greg: I have kind of the same situation. I haven’t had any loss as big as that but like zero means nothing to me. If I have zero that’s great cause I’ve been 20, 30, 40,000 in seamaster leather strap discount watches replica

Matt: What I was gonna share is that okay, so 38K the first 18 months but then I think I cleared 250 the next year and 500 the year after that. It was like, how many people ever get even to that 18th month without finding anything. How many people …

I see it all the time. We have people start niche builder all the time that quit in 30 days, not even 30 days. We have people that quit the next day. I’m just like wow, freedom is like, it’s there. Yes you have to work for it but oh my god. I feel so sorry for people when they quite. I’m just like wow, you’re just not grabbing hold of your possible chance of freedom.

Greg: To go along with that. I look back at everything I’ve ever done online and I think 100% of the things I’ve done pretty much have worked. They’ve made me some money. They’ve made me at least a dollar. They may have taken a year to make me that dollar but I’ve given up to soon and then when I come back I’m like wow, it actually worked. I just didn’t give it enough love and time to scale it up and master it.

Matt: When I was a teenager, I made money in [inaudible 00:26:07]. Two years of getting kicked in the face in that business. I feel a little jaded towards it. I wasn’t really … I made some money but I spent a lot more money then I made and I think that’s true for a lot of people [inaudible 00:26:23] businesses but it was one of those things that if I read a stock book on something.

I’ll sit down and apply myself until it works. We live in a nation of quitters in my opinion. We just got so many people that are ready to quit. They look at celebrities and everybody living the good life and having easy street. Our media is designed to do that. It’s designed to show these success stories but never to show the work. It’s weird. You’ve seen this. People buy 27, 37, 57 dollar products and expect it to frick’n work in a month.

It’s just not the way the world works. Even SnapChat, Twitter or any of these companies that look like the unicorns like oh, they just put like blam the technology we’re using right now. People don’t see the 18 hours a day that goes into making this go.

You get on niche builder and people are like, “Oh, I couldn’t figure out how to do this. It must be garbage.” There’s 2 million lines of code behind that that are constantly … What it does … Are you familiar with native commerce by Ryan Dice?

Greg: I’m familiar with their company a little bit.

Matt: With like survival life and [inaudible 00:27:53] and those blogs. What nice builder does is it implements that which is just a massive model but they’re doing $20 million a year with that model. To expect it to be like … They’ve got 150 employees implementing those models.

For someone to expect to sit down and just have everything be click click easy, to set up something that has potential to make them millions of dollars, it’s like give me a fricki’n break. Before we had niche builder we just had WordPress. We’re trying to put everything together manually and it was an absolute nightmare. My body used to physically lock up doing WordPress.

Greg: Little carpel tunnel?

Matt: I’m not a programmer. Every single part of it is exactly opposite to what my body feels it should do.

Greg: I’m sure that when you’re saying you’re not a programmer, niche builder is pretty amazing on the inside. Were you the main person behind giving those orders to design [crosstalk 00:29:11]

Matt: … main person behind that. I would say that I’m kind of the squeaky wheel so to speak. I would say what we need and I’d have most contact with our customers so I’m constantly requesting new features and new models and working with them to put them in place.

John and Sasha and Boban are three dedicated programmers and they’re often on 16, 18 hours a day just cranking this. We just released our new auto responders. We’re just constantly coming out with new tools. We’ve got a drag and drop page builder coming at the end of next month. Just exciting stuff, it’s an exciting niche to be in. No pun intended.

Greg: I want to ask you about this. I’ve noticed in the last couple of months but you’ve probably done this for years but I notice in the Facebook feed the last couple of months, you’ve been going to a lot of different masterminds and I actually met you at a live event, Internet Marketing Party (IMP). For those of you in Austin or visiting,, it’s a great meet up group to come and be a part of for internet marketers. How long have you been going to these events and getting out and what impact has that had on your business?

Matt: I’ve been going to events … The first internet marketing event I went to was in 2003, well 2005 ish was altitude out in Los Angeles with Eben Pagan. That really blew my mine. It was a $10,000 for a week event and I met a lot of people that I still keep in loose contact with. That’s where I met John Benson, Tellman Knudsen, Dean Jackson, gosh who else, Brett Fogle just [inaudible 00:31:16] traffic and conversion. Just a lot of people where Ryan [inaudible 00:31:25] at that time, now it’s Kelly Felix.

Just a lot of people were at that event and I just loved it. I just loved the comradely that we have at these events and the ability to network and just the friendships. You’re out there and it’s like okay, you can go to your local bar, right, I can go, I’ve got a Brewery down the street from here. For the most part it’s a bunch of idiots and that doesn’t take anything away from them. Sometimes you need a bunch of idiots to hang out with. If you’re gonna be out drinking and partying and horsing around, you might as well be having really intelligible conversation with people that are like minded to you. People that want to do the same things, they have the same kind of end goals.

You make the ability to do cross promotions but for me it’s just been about learning strategies and tactics and just gaining as much knowledge as I can. If you look at Elon Musk, Elon Musk as a child, he read every book in his library to the point where they had to order more books for him. If you look at, oh gosh, so many people. Warren Buffet, he reads 4-5 hours a day. What is the guy that, what’s the guy from Dubai?

Greg: Com Mirza.

Matt: He reads 4 hours a day. Before he had money he read 4 hours a day. Still taking at least 2 hours a day of marketing content, inspirational content, just as much as I can because it’s like whatever you can learn, you can pass on, you can apply, you can pass on, you can digest. We’re in a constant learning [inaudible 00:33:23]. For me I thrive on it. I just enjoy it.

Greg: That’s kind of one of my big goals in becoming more and more successful is to free up more time so I can have more time to read basically so I can get smarter so I can make more money.

Matt: I highly recommend, you’ve got an iPhone. I probably got him in my pocket. It seems like I don’t go anywhere without him. I just got my Bose headphones and they’ve got the little connector. You’ll run into me everywhere on the street and I’ve got these things in. You’ve probably saw me with them in at Old Fruits when we ran into each other.

Greg: Yeah, yeah.

Matt: This little connector will pause your phone call or pause the YouTube or pause the audio. I’m just trying to take in as much as I can as often as I can.

Greg: So like audiobooks, do you do that?

Matt: I do audiobooks, I’ve got a high level subscription to Audible. One of the things I love about being back in the States oh sorry, United States. People always get on me. They’re like don’t call it the States. Actually one friend from Germany, don’t call it the States. There’s states in every country and that’s right, there are states in every country. One of the things I like about being in the United States is I can get YouTube and YouTube Red is one of the best subscriptions that I’ve got right now. Are you familiar with that?

Greg: Yeah. I only know a couple of programs though.

Matt: It’s not programs. YouTube Red is a subscription free sorry a commercial free, no more ads. It also lets you do other apps on your iPhone without ending the video.

Greg: Oh awesome.

Matt: You can go to your navigation’s, you can go to you gmail or whatever else you’re doing without ending the audio. That’s just allowed me to get so much more in.

Greg: I think you’ve already answered this but I wanted to ask you, what do you feel is one of the most important qualities or characteristics that really separates people that make it, and that can be any level really, freeing yourself up from your 9-5 job from those that don’t? Basically, what do you feel that separates those who try from those who’ve actually achieved it?

Matt: Arnold Schwarzenegger is, I consider him a hero aside from whatever happened in his personal life. I used to compete in the body building world and I think the guy has accomplished so much. He’s got 6 rules and I’ve been teaching them to my son. Rule number 1 is trust yourself. Rule number 2 is break some rules. Rule number 3, is don’t be afraid to fail. Rule number 4 is don’t listen to the naysayers. Don’t listen to the people that tell you you can’t do it. Rule number 5 is work your butt off and rule number 6 is give something back. Those are just … Well my son knows them better than I do. He’s just got a sharper memory then I do and he’s 6.

The biggest thing that I don’t even see up there is I guess it would be don’t listen to the naysayers kind of because I’ve had situations where people very close to me have told me, “Don’t get your hopes up.” And I’d be like, “What do you mean don’t get my hopes up?” I’ve got my entire hopes on this thing!!! are you kidding me? This is my ticket.

I mean I guess they don’t want to see me disappointed or something but it’s like, man, I’ve got my entire … Whatever you do, if you put your entire heart and soul into it and you work it eight to faint and I don’t mean 8 til 3 PM thing. I mean 8 til 3 AM thing. I used to fall asleep with the laptop in my lap for like 2 or 3 hours and then I’d wake back up and go right back to work. That’s what it takes to be successful.

I love what Gary V says. He says, “People need to stop freaking kidding themselves.” Quite pretending to be entrepreneurs because it takes hammering at something. It’s like you just go and go and go. I remember working on projects for weeks at a time trying to figure out one little line of code on because I thought, if I can just get this I can … It was to do with Aweber and connecting the Aweber form so people could sign it through real estate investing and get added to my A Weber list at the same time. Seems pretty reasonable right? But god forbid a social network company like Ning …

If anyone’s worked with Ning, they know my pain … Would make it so that you could put your responders sequence on this back end of the sign up form, of the registration form so you could start sending people emails after they sign up which is kind of a given if you sign up for Facebook, look how many emails Facebook sends you. People just get into the terms and conditions.

I remember working on things for weeks at a time. What separates it. It’s just not giving up on yourself, don’t hate yourself. That’s the biggest device that I would give anybody. I see people quit themselves all the time. It just makes me sad but I heard Curt Maly say something on the blab, you know Kurt.

Greg: Mm-hmm (affirmative).

Matt: He said, “You’re competition doesn’t want to get out of bed because mommy didn’t hug them, daddy left to early each morning or some little girl shut him down.” He goes, “That’s your competition. If you’re just consistent and you get out of bed and you make the video where other people don’t, you’re gonna win every time.” I have to agree with that full heartedly.

Greg: That’s been kind of my experience too. I don’t even call it this really work cause it’s never … I grew up in the south and working to me is outside in the field hoeing for three hours a day in the sun at noon or something or picking peas, that’s work.

Matt: Work has dirty fingernails.

Greg: Yeah. This I just call effort cause it’s gonna take effort but it’s not work. It’s frustrating when you can’t figure out a solution or something but it’s still not work. I mean you’re sitting inside an air conditioner behind the laptop pressing buttons and stuff.

Matt: Like oh, my butt’s sore. I’ve been sitting too long. Yeah, well stand up, do some jumping jacks and get back to it.

Greg: I came across this quote by Jack Ma Alibaba founder the other day. I wrote it on my little board up here and it says, “Poor people fail because of one reason, their whole life is about waiting.”

I kind of found that to be true to, especially with business opportunities because I feel like when people fail at business opportunities or when they jump into it they say like, “What have you got for me? What’s this opportunity? Are you gonna lay the magical formula in my lap and make me money?” It’s never the case. When it fails because they don’t do any work, they jump to the next person that promises them that.breitlings rolex replica watches

Matt: I heard a saying and I want to give the person credit but I can’t think of who it was right now. They said, “People who believe in magic will always believe in magic no matter what you tell them.” That’s just … We’ve been trained by Disney to believe in magic. funky watches replica replica omega Speed Master shop

There is no magic unfortunately. It was someone in the weight loss industry, actually it was Robby Amaro, there I’ll give him credit. I think you know Robbie as well. He used to be at 6 pack shortcuts and now is at a shot of adrenaline. People who believe in magic. We’ve been trained to believe in magic our entire life. We’ve been shown so many quick solutions and then when someone doesn’t have it…

I mean if someone’s actually got a real seven minute minute solution, hey, bring it to me, let me put a couple of interns on it and see if they can make it work. I joined Amway on what I thought was supposed to be a 1 year to millionaire and I don’t think that ever made more than $400 bucks in a month.

Greg: Better than most.

Matt: Way better than most! What I find is people that believe in magic are always gonna believe in magic and in order to get skeptics off the couch, it’s almost like you have to preach this magic.

Greg: I know. That’s the downside. I just got done reading a couple copy writing books cause I’m trying to get better at that and one of the leads in the secret lead, convincing people there’s some magical secret like I’m almost tempted, when I first met you that first night, it was like telling me all these things you have done, traveling and I was want to ask you, what is your secret? How did you make it? Then you learn well, there’s a lot of hard work and then things fell into place slowly.

Matt: You look at Tim Ferriss the 4 hour work week, the guy works 80 hours a week to pitch the 4 hour work week and all of his other colleagues as well. I mean he’s a hard hard worker and I respect the guy and all that he’s done but he’s not living the 4 hour work week.

I came pretty close to it at one point. We were in Costa Rica, I wasn’t working at all and had significant money coming everyday and so I didn’t have to work. I would say if I could give a piece of advice to people, I would say focus on automated income. You being the auto profit, what is it? Auto profit income? You get this. Focus on passive income.

I’m giving you my hours today, how does this effect me 2 years from now? Am I still gonna see a return from this 2 years from now? We sit and make this video. I remember some of my videos, I stayed up in Costa Rica til 4 AM and I had terrible allergies and I couldn’t sleep and I decided okay, I’m gonna make one more video.

That one more video that I made has made me probably a quarter million dollars. Had I not done that, I would have a quarter million dollars less. Just that one more, can I do one more thing before you go to bed, is there anything left undone.

There was a guy Brad Wolgamott that was my upline and I got a lot of great things from him, a lot of great business training. That was one of the things he used to say. Is there anything left undone, is there anything I can do before I go to bed to push my business forward. I would challenge everybody to do the same. Also, what separates … One of the things that I’ve been doing that Tom Mirza turned me on to was writing my goals every single day.

I’d rewrite my goals, I had about 16 goals and I’d write them every single day but then I have another document that I do and on that document, I write the goals pretty detailed. They’re each about 3 lines long and then I come up with one to do item for each of them each day. Then I’ve got my to do list for the day. I’ve got 16 things I’m gonna get done and if I can get 4 of those 16 things done that day I’m extremely happy. It really depends on what I’m looking for in life at the time. If I need to move the income needle then I’m gonna focus on income related stuff. If I need to move the social needle or the Mateo needle or stuff for Sandra, then I’m gonna work on that.

That’s how I lead my day is from my goals list versus a to do list. What happens there is it causes you to be proactive in the way you do things versus reactionary. A lot of people what they do is they sit down in the morning, they go through their email and they go through Facebook and then they build a to do list based around the things that they need to react to. This websites not working, I need to get a phone call from you about X, Y, Z. I can’t find my way into this property et cetera etc etc. People will give you a to do list if you don’t have one for yourself.

Greg: Yeah true.

Matt: Yeah, I like to start … I try to get up by 4 AM and have my stuff all figured out by 6 AM and then anything that happens is kind of noise, for the most part, I’m just cruising through and getting my stuff done and anything for the most part that happens is just bouncing off me because I know what I’m trying to get done for the day and really that’s all that matters at the end.

If someone else doesn’t get what they’re looking for done from me for that day, well it’s a shame but it’s not moving me closer to my goals. Every action you take should be working towards your goals and you need to really fight for that time. Genevieve says, “Fight for seconds.” I grew up with 2 brothers that are both bigger than me so fight for seconds for me is like more about eating fast so I can eat again at dinner. I fight for minutes.

I’ve got my son here, he wants to go to Splash which is a park and creek museum and we’re gonna do that right after this. It’s Tuesday, I think I’ve got another appointment at 8 o’clock tonight. Then tomorrow we’ve got a dinner where we’re having some internet marketers over. Everything is planned now and I’m planning it versus just…

I remember times even during my travel where I just kind of bobbled through life and let things go and what not and you really just … Depending on what you want, at the time I just wanted to do that. Depending on what you want, you just have to be proactive in actually chasing things everyday.

Greg: You’re more aware of this but something that I’m becoming slowly more aware of is the only thing that you can’t ever buy back is that time and you’ve got a limited amount so you got to delegate it really wisely.

Matt: Yeah, how much time do we waste in Facebook? How much time do we spend searching through email to find something to work on? It’s like whatever your goals are, just do that. I would say best advice to anybody is to write your goals every single morning. Tom Mirza says to write them 4 times a day and I would agree. Every time I sit down at the computer and I’m like okay, what do I have to work on?

Well, one, I’ve got the to do list for all my goals but if I don’t have that to do list, if I didn’t make it, I’ll go back and rewrite all my goals and then writ the to do list from my goals. That just is a way to … It’s just weird how it works because it’s like you start internalizing it and you start just, you feel closer to your goals when you’re writing them all the time and you see them every single day. It makes them so much more real.

Greg: One last question is, if all you had, if you had all this taken away but all you had was what you learned along the way and you had a thousand bucks of leverage whether that be a thousand bucks cash in the bank or a thousand dollars on the credit card, maybe you have enough to get by but it’s just enough to pay your bills, cover all expenses and you’ve just got this money on the side. Whether it be cash in the bank, a thousand bucks or a thousand bucks on the credit card, which I think is pretty doable, a pretty realistic circumstance for most Americans. What would you do to increase that knowing what you know what the experience-

Matt: Increase money?

Greg: Increase that or what advice would you give to other people in that same situation? A lot of people, they may be thinking this is all I have but it’s not enough to do what Matt’s done or what some of these other marketers are doing.

Matt: It’s hard to say but I would look at ways to generate money from nothing. What do we have? This blab is gonna go up on YouTube. We’re going to get traffic to this video from there. People will opt in from there and then we can send them offers on a regular basis in addition to great content. I would say make YouTube videos and I would find videos that have tons of views and make similar videos and just go after that market. I’d reverse other people’s thoughts. See what their doing, copy it.

Greg: Basically be just completely original right?

Matt: Yeah.

Greg: I’m just kidding.

Matt: I would go out and I would make content. What’s so cool like you look at what we’re doing here, how long would it take me to write this out? How long would it take you to write this out?

Greg: A long time.

Matt: We’ve been talking for close to an hour. How long would it take someone to actually go and transcribe this, you know, the data’s put together? I don’t know how long it takes them but I know it’s a buck a minute. You know what I mean? Now you’ve got content.

Let’s say we talk … You spend 60 bucks on that, you load part of that into YouTube and you create 3 separate text blog posts out of this and then you load this video up to YouTube as well as onto your website and you can start building a list from that and then you take and you send those people emails telling them about your life and offering them things that you think might better theirs. That’s what I would say, in order to start building it up again.

Greg: I just want to reinforce what you said about finding freeways because regardless of all the opportunities and things out there there are to spend money on, there are still opportunities that are completely free or other than the cost of the equipment to make this and microphone, the computer which most people probably have if they’re watching this. There’s so many free little pockets of ways to make money out there you just have to put a little effort into it.

Matt: I would take the thousand dollars and I would buy a MacBook Air. That’s what I would recommend someone do. I got started on a little Sony Viao laptop and it was torture in compared to my MacBook.

Greg: We’ll put the affiliate link to the Apple, no, I’m just playing.

Matt: [crosstalk 00:53:49] free it just, it’s made my life so much better, like quality of life higher. If you’re doing this on a PC, you’re doing it wrong in my opinion.

Greg: What are some of the projects that you’re working on? Where can people learn more about you or some of the tools some of the projects that we’ve mentioned so far?

Matt: I know you’re gonna post this interview. I’m also gonna post this up on game of up in interviewing other entrepreneurs in the marketing space, kind of people here in Austin as well as other people that I think have prominent businesses that are doing stuff that’s exciting. You can also get me at niche builder. You can reach me at and you can find me on Facebook, just search for Matt Gerchow and look for usually the picture with my family, just friend me up.

Greg: Thank you so much for your time Matt.

Matt: All right man. I will see you on Thursday night.

Greg: All right see ya man.

Matt: Thanks you to bye.

If someone wants to get in touch with Matt, you can reach him on Facebook…

So Trump, Obama and the Pope all have blogs…

Trump started blogging for his campaign
Obama blogged for free health care and gay rights
…and the Pope was blogging his memoirs

They would all have been better off using NicheBuilder to do keyword research, build their WordPress blogs and use the content authors within Nichebuilder…

Okay, you see here, this is what “newsjacking” is all about.

NewsJacking is a way of getting into the press on the back of another story.

You relate the most current breaking news “somehow” to your product or service…

News Jacking is the art up injecting your ideas into a breaking
news story.

When a new story comes out it usually breaks like this…
When to Newsjack

When news stories break, they follow a bell curve…

In the beginning they are hot and fresh. That’s when they break. This is exactly when you want to inject your twist on the breaking news…in the beginning

Your goal is to actually become part of the story in some way, although this is not always possible.

For example, when the iPhone 6 was released, Nokia was quick to act and released this picture…



They did that and it was re-tweeted 29,000 times.

Another example is the current very early presidential campaigning that is going on. In order for candidates to get any media attention, they are relating themselves in some way to the Trump candidacy.

Here’s why I disagree with Trump…
Here’s where I think he has valid points…
Here’s why Trump shouldn’t be President…

This is a win-win situation because it gives the reporters and journalists something they can sell, namely, more about Trump! It also gives the other candidates what they want…TV time!

Okay, so now let’s bring this home to your business…

How can you use newsjacking to grow your marketshare?

When news hits you want to make sure to post within a few hours but at the latest within the next few days.

The sooner the better because all of the big reporters are looking for interesting twists to comment on to make their stories seem more compelling as well…

So here is a step by step plan for doing a quick NewsJack…

Step 1. Setup a google alert for breaking news
Step 2. Do keyword research for the main keywords in the story
Step 3. Setup a new alert for that particular story
Step 4. Do a video commentary as quickly as possible and get it onto YouTube.
Step 5. Fact check your information. Make sure it’s not a (fake) story.
Step 6. Go to BuzzSumo and find out who’s sharing related stories. Then send them your video link.

Okay, so there you have it. A recipe for a successful NewsJack.

Guaranteed Business Model for Online Marketing

You’ve probably been pitched such garbage from internet marketers claiming this formula and that formula are the guaranteed path to success…and it’s funny because by law today you are entitled to your money back, but not entitled to success.

Are There Really Any Shortcuts?

Continue reading “Guaranteed Business Model for Online Marketing”

Lead Magnets – The Most Powerful Strategy for New Customers

How to Make a Lead Magnet or Offer Magnet

Attracting customers is like attracting the hot guy or girl from across the room. No one tells you exactly how to do it, but you know the more attractive you are, the better chance ‘something’ is going to happen.
Same goes for business. You have to make your business attractive to new customers.

What are Lead Magnets?

A lead magnet in simplest form is an ethical bribe in exchange for a persons email address. You can ask for other fields as well, like their name and phone number, but the market is moving more and more towards email only.

The difference between a sign up box and a lead magnet is the compelling offer… a freebie that has tremendous value in exchange for their email. When you have the right lead-magnet, your advertising process gets so much easier.

Having the right lead magnet can make a difference between just having a website…and having automated income.

If you aren’t currently using a lead magnet, this one change can catapult your business into the stratosphere.

There is a concept in business known as “moving the free line”. Eben Pagan, a high end business marketer, is usually credited with this term.

What it means is that once a customer enters your site or sales funnel, there is this line that separates your free content from your paid content, software, hosting, etc.

Creating a lead magnet is a way of moving the free line back one step so the user isn’t prompted for their credit card on the very first screen.

In an ultra-competitive market, this allows those that truly have the goods to demonstrate value to their would-be customers before asking them for the sale.

Giving someone an email is theoretically free, aside from be annoying to receive too many.

This often gets those that are hesitant to spend money into your sales funnel…or at a minimum, onto your autoresponder series.

This gives you a better chance to convert them to customers using a staggered multi-contact approach.

What Are The Benefits of Lead Magnets?

There are a lot of reasons to create a lead magnet, some of them I just mentioned above…but here are some additional reasons that are worth taking note of.

– You create a sense of reciprocity with your subscribers. Once you have given them something, they feel compelled even if it’s ever so lightly to do something for you in return.
– You create curiosity about your paid program. When the user gets this high value item from you, they can’t help but think, “what’s the paid content going to be like?”
– When the lead magnet is of value, people will share it with others.

Make Sure It Resonates

You want to make sure your lead-magnet offers something that resonates with your brands overall message. In other words, don’t offer them a set of Ginsu knives when your website is about Child Safety.

Your lead magnet should also tie in with the ad, article, YouTube video or press release that you are getting your traffic from. So if your ad states, free report on retirement planning…it only makes sense to make your lead magnet deliver on that promise.

Most times it’s a bit of a given that people will be receiving ongoing emails from you after the opt-in. But you might want to clarify that for new subscribers. You can do this either on the thank-you page or in your first email to them after registration.

Getting People Into Buckets

First you have to get people into buckets… What are buckets? Buckets are categories that your customers fall into. One of the biggest mistakes that I see marketers make is they pitch the same message to all of their clients.
Let’s say for example that you have a Business that books travel to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Each person coming there is looking for something different.

Your clients might fall into the following categories (or buckets)…

  • Students looking to travel for Spring break and release finals energy in Mexico.
  • Retirees looking to find a second home in a warmer climate.
  • Families looking for a stress-free all-inclusive resort on the beach.
  • Single men and women looking for adventure and possibly love.
  • Adventure minded people of all ages looking to zip line, 4×4 and deep sea fish.

Each one of these groups would respond to a different lead magnet. When creating the NicheBuilder blogging experience we developed our theme with this in mind, allowing for a different lead magnet on each and every page of your website.

So you can write a blog post about “Partying in PV” and have a lead magnet that appeals to the partiers…

lead magnet marketing banner

and on another page you can write a different blog post about the Real Estate opportunities in PV and have a lead magnet aimed at retirees…

lead magnet marketing banner 2

Having lived there for the better part of two years I saw people come and go every day. The companies that had a solid internet presence filled their boats and tour buses every day while those with little to no Internet presence sat around trying to hustle the locals for a couple of pesos here and there.

In this example we’re talking about offline businesses, but the same goes true for online businesses.

An online business is usually delivering some sort of digital good such as a course, a print out, a tutorial or anything else that can be delivered electronically.

In order for a lead magnet to be affective, the person downloading it has to use it.

If the person doesn’t actually use it, then having a lead magnet is okay, but unlikely to propel the visitor to the next step.

Make Them a Promise

Get into the conversation already going on in their head. I get emails all the time saying, “it’s like you knew what I was thinking… how are you doing this?”

  • Ask them what they are having trouble with…
  • Find out what their biggest challenges are…
  • Know your customer avatar intimately… what do they do on the weekend? what causes do they think are noble?

Make it Highly Valuable

Give them something of value in exchange for their email. Listen, web users are not dummies. They are real people and they realize there is value in them giving you their email address.

Whatever you give them should provide value in their lives. And that doesn’t mean just title the offer to get them to click through. This is your first transaction with them. It should be pleasant and leave them with a good emotion about your company.

Name Your Lead Magnet

This is the name of the actual product that you are giving away. This should deliver results in advance and use language that your customer is familiar with. It should be of high value to them.

Gardeners How I Grew Tomatoes In the Snow
Investors How to Successfully Straddle the Option
Peppers Survivalists How To Purify Any Water
Guitarists How to Learn Songs Faster
Marketers How to Get $1 Leads
Travelers Get First Class Flights At Coach Prices

Choose a Type of Lead Magnet

When creating your lead magnet, it’s important to match your lead magnet to your viewer. Are they visual? Most men are… a quick peek at the porn industry pretty much validates that. Are they auditory? Do they want to listen to you? Art Bell has made a total career with his soothing voice and his night time radio show. Are they readers? Most products originally start like this. But what about including a graph or two? Or an infographic? In the next several paragraphs we’ll discuss the types of lead magnets. Maybe this will trigger the necessary thoughts for choosing one for your customer.


Types of Lead Magnets


Cheat sheet
In the internet game, time is everything. Offering a cheat sheet that simplifies something complex or helps someone navigate a complex process is a great way to get the email.

A list of keyboard shortcuts for Excel that you can print out and put on the wall is a good example here.

Software Plugin
WordPress is the 800 pound gorilla in the room these days.

It can do a lot on its own, but often requires special plugins to do specific niche related tasks.

For example, we created a special plugin called LinkTrust that redirects users through an affiliate link but shows the root URL of the destination when hovered. So instead of a complex affiliate link for Verizon wireless, it simply shows…

We give this plugin away for free in exchange for the visitors email.

Exclusive Webinar
Webinars are still the craze in the online world, but they are not used in the same way they were used 5 years ago. As the free line has moved, so has the purposing of webinars.

Now webinars are being used for more than a 90-minute sales pitch. Offering your subscribers a webinar where they can see how you do business differently, with no sales pitch, will often bring them to the door with checkbook in hand, even if you don’t ask for the sale.

Checklists are awesome! I mean, how do you know if you’ve completed something unless you are following a checklist.

That doesn’t mean you’ve done everything right, but having something done for each step of the process will help whoever is helping you to check your work and make new suggestions.

Resource list
Resource lists are concise and easy for the user to digest. Some examples travel resource lists, outsourcing resource lists, lending resource lists…basically anything that will save someone trial and error time.

Think of this, you could call 30 lenders to see if they will lend at 10% down, or you can download a list of 6 that will for sure do it. This probably saved you 2 hours of frustration.

Survey, Quiz or Poll
Take this survey is a great way to get people to start down your funnel.

In the online marketing world it might be, “Are you cut out for Online Business? Take this Survey to find out…”.

The quiz is gaining a lot of popularity right now. The Ask Formula from Gary Levesque is currently a New York Times best seller. In it he demonstrates how to find out exactly who your customer is by analyzing their quiz and survey responses, then developing your offers to specifically target those problems.

Infographics help you bridge the gap between the online and the offline world. If your info graphic is solid, People will print them out and post them on my wall.

Think about it this way… can you name the last 10 websites that you visited? Okay, those are your most favorite sites… now can you name the last five sites you visited that covered a topic you are researching?

Exactly. By creating a info graphic that is worth printing out…

You’re now in their mind every time they sit down desk or glance at the wall.


Spreadsheet are great because you can build complex formulas into them that make people’s lives much much easier.

Examples of this could be a property valuation worksheet for the real estate market or a funnel calculation worksheet for Internet marketers.

Email Course
Probably one of the oldest and most widely used formats for the lead magnet. This is essentially the person signing up to receive your autoresponder emails over a specified time.

The only difference is, rather than a marketing message, the expected result is an educational course that teaches the subscriber something.

Video Course
Your video course can be delivered either all at once or over a specified period of time

Exclusive discounts
This can be a limited time offer. The next stage in your customer funnel will be the tripwire offer or lead-in offer. So you might presell a special discount on that product in exchange for their email.

Giveaways are pretty straight forward, unless you are collecting emails for one big prize. Then you need to check with your specific state as to the governing rules for giving away prizes.

Free Trial (SAAS)
This one is very near and dear to our hearts. We like to have as many people as possible on NicheBuilder and providing people with a trial allows them to see just how easy and time-saving NicheBuilder is.

Private Facebook Group
Offering access to a private Facebook group can give your visitors a sense of community, and really give them a chance to connect with you.

Coupons will offer a discount on any product. What’s nice about coupons is you can cross pollinate your message with complimentary products. In our case, that might be a coupon for a $1 domain, so long as it’s purchased through NicheBuilder.

Phone Consultation
This one works great for business coaches, attorneys, dietitians and consultants of any kind.

It used to blow me away how $400 an hour attorneys would sit and spend 2-3 hours educating me for free. But in hindsight I usually ended up spending forty grand with them throughout the ensuing relationship.

Free Tickets To An Event
This is a great one. One of our close relationships, FortuneBuilders, they offer free tickets to their hotel events where they will educate you on how to flip real estate in your current market. At the event they offer more personalized coaching to move you closer to your goals.

Swipe File
A swipe file is a collected group of email copy, graphics, word documents, screenshots and whatever else a person might put aside for future reference. Marketers may offer this collection of materials in exchange for the email address.

Access to An Online Tool
This might be in the form of a downloadable app, a keyword tool, a domain searcher, a blog name generator, a blog post name generator or any tool that works for your specific niche.

If you were a chiropractor or acupuncturist, you might have a tool that shows a description for the pain in the area where you are feeling it.

A Gated Video Course

This is a nifty little tool. Wistia has developed this into their portal very nicely. You can set how long you want the video to play before the email form pops over. You then need to enter your email to continue with the video.

Access To a Private Blog Post or Content
This is pretty common, it can be very similar to an email course, only the user gets all the information all at once, after they enter their name and email.

As marketers, we’re in the business of Time. I loved the movie In Time with Justin Timberlake. It’s about a time in the future where the only thing that matters is time.

Your business should be structured in a similar format. The only thing that matters is time. Where you can, try and position yourself in the market to save your subscribers time.

Whatever your competitors are doing, simply do it faster for them.


The 5 Minute Rule

And speaking of time, can your website visitor consume the lead magnet in 5 minutes or less? This is key. Look at it this way… If you give them a 279-page eBook, while that might be of tremendous value, your new lead will probably feel they need to digest at least some of this mammoth book before moving onto the next step with you. Your ideal lead magnet gives them a valuable piece of the puzzle, but not the entire puzzle. They will be able to complete the puzzle with your first paid product.

Finding Ideas for Lead Magnets

I’m going to give you a really quick hack for finding out what’s getting traction in your niche.
When you go there, you simply enter your keywords and they will show you what’s getting the most Facebook Shares, Twitter Shares, Pinterest Repins and Google Shares. Simply look at the title and copy and start conjuring your own version. If you need traffic for your offer, why not contact the same people and see if they will share your link as well.

Are you being specific enough?

When you are too vague in your offer, it is difficult to get people to take action. Consider, “How Would You Like to Make More Money Online?” versus… “Make $35 Dollars Online in the Next 24 Hours!” The first one will probably get lost in the

Did you focus on one big thing? Our tests have shown that focusing on one big thing vs. 100 smaller things, gets a higher click through rate.

Even The Button Matters…

It’s important to have optimized CTA (call-to-action) language on your button as well. Give Me The Report! is much better button text than Sign Up Now!


Connecting Your Autoresponder

In order to have an effective lead-magnet, you’ll want to have an automated system on the back end, even if you plan on calling every lead and broadcasting sporadically.

This automated system warms them up to working with you.

The first email should thank them for allowing them into their busy life, set some expectation as to how often they will hear from you and deliver the ethical bribe that you offered for their email.

Once you have your landing page built, you will want to connect your autoresponder to that page. That’s done by importing your html form from Aweber, ConstantContact, iContact or MailChimp.

When you do that on NicheBuilder, we will automatically pull the form fields and add them to your landing page for you.

Single vs. Double Opt-in

There are several trains of thought on this. We have tested giving them the material directly after the option on the next page, after the confirmed optin, in the first email, etc.

Your goal should be to create enough of an instant impact with your reader that they give you their best email, without having to trick them into giving it to you. Make sense?

Best Places to Have Your Opt-in Form

Facebook is great for advertising your lead magnets. You can advertise there based on age, male or female, pages they have liked, geographic location and several other parameters.
Sending traffic directly to your blog post is better than sending them to your landing page.

By sending visitors to a blog instead of a squeeze page, all of the ad-nazi’s at Facebook and Google will approve your page.

You won’t seem like such a money-hungry scammer (not that you are)…because you are bringing the user to valuable content, not to a page specifically designed to siphon user information from “their” users.

The reason Facebook and Google are so strict, is because they value the privacy, user data and wallet of “their” users. If they show ads and allow a negative experience into their users lives…that will reflect bad on them. Too much of that, and they are no longer in business.


Testing Multiple Lead-Magnets and Adjusting

Having one lead magnet isn’t the end all beat all. You really should have more than one. But this will happen naturally over time. When your first lead magnet starts adding subscribers, you’ll either automatically be receiving feedback from your customers about it, or you can survey them. What you are looking for is the parts that they like most about it.

So for instance, let’s say you gave away a guide to buying musical tickets cheap in NYC. And your product is an affiliate promotion for the various shows. Your customers tell you they were thrilled that they got to see Chicago (the musical) for example.

This data tells you something. Maybe what people are looking for is a way to get to see Chicago for less?

So you can create a new LeadMagnet guide that specifically focuses on the musical Chicago. This might convert better overall as the person visiting your page might be thinking, “sure they have deals, but not for Chicago…”.


Easy Setup On Your NicheBuilder Blog

The best advice that I can give new marketers is to simply get it done. Repeat after me…“done is better than perfect”.

When implementing your lead magnet on NicheBuilder it’s as simple as filling out a few small forms, uploading a picture and clicking save. Our goal is to reduce the technical pain when creating online assets such as your blog and lead magnets.

Let’s Get Started

If you aren’t currently hosted with NicheBuilder, now is your chance to take advantage of the number one blog posting for WordPress available on the Internet.
Simply click this link here to get started right now, and we’ll see you on the inside.

Did We Miss Something?

Let’s face it, you are the ultimate critique. Our goal with this article is to provide a sharable, usable and informative resource for Online Marketers, like you.

If you got value from this article, please share and comment below.

If we forgot something, or you feel we got something wrong… please tell us in the comments below.

What The Hell Do I Blog About?

Getting started as a blogger, you start to think of different things… The first one probably being, what the #$%^ (bleep) do I write about?

Writers block can find itself in the blogging world as “bloggers block”. This is that frustrating feeling that you don’t know what to write about.

So let’s solve this problem…

The Brain Dump

The first thing I like to do when filling up my blog is the same thing that I like to do when writing books, I do a brain dump.

This is me setting the timer for five minutes and then writing down everything I can possibly think about, that has to do with my subject.

Now, if you don’t know what subject you want to be in, go ahead and take a look at this post on choosing your niche.

So let’s do this for our niche… the blog and make money online niche… [word cloud]

Blogging, blogger, make money online, affiliate marketing, email marketing, MacBook air, dictation getting started, having fun, software, content management, WordPress, keyword tool, internet marketing, money, retire young, travel the world, freedom

And this would be just a short example of one of my brain dumps. It can go on for several hours. But one things for sure, I won’t be able to say that I have nothing to write about.

I find five minutes to be a good amount of time to get 30 words or phrases on the table.

Creating Quick Post Titles

So now that I have these items written down, the next thing I want to do is create a blog post title for each of these words.

That would look something like this…

  • How to Get Started Blogging
  • Why You Should Pass On Blogger
  • Making Money Online is Easier With This Plan
  • What Is Affiliate Marketing?
  • Is Email Marketing the Same As Lead Generation?
  • How I Run My Business From My MacBook Air
  • Does WordPress Still Give the Best Blog?

Okay, you get the picture… No need to do all 20 right now. And you don’t have to either. Just get the first 5 done, and by done I mean, on the web, published, live!

Voice Your Opinion

Writing a blog is your chance to voice your opinion rather than state the facts.

So if someone is telling you that the sky is blue for example, this is where you will showed that it’s actually blue green.

So let’s do that… For the titles you just created above, think about how you will approach each one with your not so common Point of view.

When blogging, There is a saying it’s called kicked the hornets nest. What that means is you want to write with a controversial tone.

For example, if everyone is excited that Barack Obama is coming to town… you right why it’s the worst thing that’s ever happen to your town, make sense?

The reason you do this is because it gets people interacting. Just make sure that whenever you’re opinion is, You can back it up at least a little bit. Don’t be afraid of a fight!

Solve a Problem For Your Readers

Still have writers block? No worries, let’s talk about your so-called readers. Maybe your Google analytics hasn’t spiked through the roof with new traffic just yet, but you’ve got a pretty good idea who your readers are. If you don’t, you want to check out my post on creating your customer avatar.

So, let’s make a list… What’s bugging them? Top five!

If we were looking at my market and convincing people they should blog every day, the problems might be something like this…

  1. Can I really make money blogging? Like full-time money?
  2. Where can I find cheap reliable hosting for my blog?
  3. What should I blog about?
  4.  Should I promote other peoples products or my own products, or both?
  5. How can I do all of this without being a techie?

Do It Yourself (DIY), Checklists and Tutorials

Along with solving a problem, creating a do-it-yourself article that takes them step-by-step through one of those problems will get you likes, shares, re-tweets and all of the other social mojo that you not only desire, but you absolutely need if you’re going to make impact in your market.

Checklists or another Great resource for people. Giving them something that they can download and print out and put it on the wall or have on their desk is even better. Making the transition from online to their off-line world this huge step in the right direction.


Infographics are Visual diagrams of a process. They show the reader visually how to get from point A to point D or from step 1 to step 6 without a break in the action.

Usually the map will be done on just one page so the users mind can see the entire process from start to finish.

This is done visually so that’s something that would normally be technical or complicated in nature is digesting easily by the mind.

You can get infographics done anywhere from $5 dollars on Fivver to $5,000 dollars for something very custom.

We have a source for great illustrations in info graphic format for around $200 dollars. Email me at for the contact information.

Reveal and Remove Their Fears

Along the lines of solving their problems, you can also help to remove their fears.

What are they afraid of?

If you were blogging about something that is dear to your heart…then what are you afraid of?

Louis C.K., A famous comedian says he likes to bring to light the subjects that people talk about it in quiet with respectful fear.

Then he just beats that subject to death over and over again from 20 different angles with humor to remove the fear.

This technique works tremendously with subjects that your readers care about is well.

For example, have you ever gone through it step-by-step tutorial that maybe even had 15 steps to it?

But by the time you finished that tutorial, you got the results you wanted without the frustration along the way.

That’s what I’m talking about here.

Show Them Something New

Readers also want to learn something new, this helps them feel knowledgeable in relation to their peers.

Think about the last time you knew something before your circle of friends. Maybe it was a new movie that just came out and you saw it first.

Funny how much better it was when you know no one you’re talking to has ever seen it, same goes for travel.

When you have been to some place that your friends haven’t, you can recommend all of the things that created your best memories there.

Niche It Down

Let’s say that you want to start a blog about organic gardening.

So, rather than trying to be the organic gardening guru… how about you become the organic gardening guru for your particular region, climate or elevation.

Pick a niche that you can actually corner the market on.

You would be better to have 2,000 fans that love and adore you than 20,000 fans that barely know who you are.

Give Them What’s Missing?

In our case, what’s missing from other make money blogging blogs… or blogs about blogging, is the complete solution.

So many blogs about blogging are just simply trying to push you to an affiliate offer for hosting.

They are like a one string banjo… playing the same tune over and over and over again.

What we have found is that it’s better to cover the entire “make money from the Iinternet” spectrum and provide value to our customers versus a quick ask for a sale.

The same goes for whatever topic you’re looking at.

Give them a wider or higher elevation view than the common pitch of least resistance that everyone is doing.

Teach Them About You

A very well-known blogger by the name Steve Chou remarked that when he first launched his product, he was trying to just teach, teach, teach, all the time, and while the engineering mind inside of us tells us this is what people want, they actually want to know about you the person that is teaching them even more.

Steve said that once he started revealing his story that brought him to the point of creating his blog, sales quadrupled within just a few months.

How about telling them 15 quirky things about you that make up your personality.

Write your life story from start to finish, from childhood to today.

Make it one long post or use parts of it to teach lessons to your readers.

Help your reader connect with you, because when they know who you are, they can then begin to care about your cause.

Post pictures from your life and not just pictures related to your blog message.

Did you recently get engaged? Write a post about it.

Do you have a cool workspace like A high-rise view or a rooftop patio?

Show it to them!


I can’t stress this one enough, when you are writing or dictating as I am doing right now using the dictation feature on my MacBook Air and my kick ass SoundTrue™ headphones by Bose… this doesn’t even feel like work, and you know the old adage, “if you love what you do, you never work another day in your life”.

But more than that, try picking a subject where your natural tone will be a benefit rather than a penalty to your readers.

Think of it this way… Jim Carrey shouldn’t be writing about how to stay out of the public eye. His entire life has been lived, enjoyed and scrutinized by the public eye.

What Would You Read?

When you’re blogging, try and think about what you would find interesting.

I used to have a writer help me with one of my technology blogs, I asked her to daily take a look at all the news related to Google and other web technologies.

She had really simple instructions… just write about what interest you.

She tended to write a lot about Google glass and digital tattoos. That was what interested her, and I would suggest that you do the same thing.

You are probably your best reader and guess what, there are ton of people just like you out there.

You’d actually be surprised how many people are a lot like you in the world and are waiting to hear your voice.

Chase Your Passion

This subject kinda follows the same thread as the last two paragraphs in that you want to blog about something that you are passionate about.

Think about when you sit down to read the news online or other blogs or watch YouTube videos.

What are you looking at? Try to relate those items back to what you’re blogging about.

You see, most people aren’t just mono-subject oriented. They want to know about all sorts of subjects… probably the same subjects that you are passionate about.

If you could write about just one thing though, What would it be?

Think of it this way… If you could get up in the morning and write about just one thing… What would it be?

That is probably your passion! Write about that and don’t stop until it’s getting you what you want from it, be it money, fame, respect, recognition or some combination of all of these.

Are You Spending Money Here?

This is kind of a gut check question. Whatever the subject is that you’re interested in… be it Donald Trump for president (which I find fascinating) or Vinyasa hot yoga (which I do for exercise)… am I spending money there?

Well at least on the yoga side I spent quite a bit of money.

Between my wife and I, We probably spent round $300-$400 a month on classes, waters, books, blocks or whatever else can move our passion forward.

I find that it is a little unfair to expect others to spend money on something that you are not willing to.

Remember, these people are most likely just like you. If you won’t spend money there, they probably won’t either.

Ready to Start Blogging?

We are anxious to help you move your blog business forward.

We’d love to show you the powerful tools that we have in place to help you get started fast and keep your momentum, even when times get tough…

If you’re ready to get your blog going on WordPress… let me show you how.

Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Ask For Sales On The First Date!

Wooing your customer is a complicated and lengthy process. You can’t and shouldn’t do it overnight.

I’m going to be using the example of dating here to show an analogy between customer sales-cycle and the dating to marriage relationship cycle.

When you meet someone, as men, we are often tempted to race for the finish line. To get them into bed as fast as possible.

For purposes of this article, we will use men as the “Marketer” and we’ll use women as the “Customer”.

Ask any woman (or most women) and they will tell you that sleeping with somebody on the first date often ruins the chances of hearing from them ever again.

That is, unless the woman has a higher social status than the man… then…she will probably have just as much trouble getting rid of him as she would any other guy she’s not interested in for the long-term.

But in this article we’re not going to talk exceptions…more in generalities.

The process of acquiring a new customer and selling them products or services is called a sale cycle. As marketers, we’re constantly trying to shorten the sales cycle in a world where the sales cycle is ever lengthening.

This article should probably be called, “Why you shouldn’t propose on the first date”…but that’s a little more obvious, isn’t it?

Plus this headline has more click juice.

The online sales cycle that you take people through is very similar to the courtship of dating.

I’d like to illustrate the analogy between the two using this table…

Waving Hi! >> The PPC or Facebook Ad
Saying Hello >> Email
Casual Conversation >> AutoResponder
Asking for a phone number >> AutoResponder Call to Action
The first phone call >> The VSL or Sales Letter
The date request >> VSL Call to Action
The first date >> The First Sale
The second date >> The Upsell or 2nd Purchase
The 3rd date and sex >> The Core Offer
Dating >> Community
Proposal >> High End Offer VSL
Engagement >> High End Offer Purchase
Marriage >> High End Offer Delivery
Children >> Product Testimonial / Evangelist

So how do you get customers to fall in like with you, to be ready to buy from you? That’s what this is all about, right?

You wouldn’t walk up to someone and say, “Nice to meet you, Let’s get married!”

Aside from some crazy reality TV show, that would be completely awkward and not get you the results you’re looking for.

So what should you do? One by one, let’s break down the sales cycle using the dating analogy.

I’ll tell you in advance I had a little fun with this…

So let’s get into it.

Waving Hi!

The first step in courtship is making contact. When it comes to waving hi, online this is what you would do with Pay-Per-Click Google or Facebook ads.

Your prospect sees the ad and finds it interesting so they click through to see what it’s all about.

Saying Hello

When saying hello, this is the same as asking permission to continue with the conversation.

In marketing, this would be asking for their email. Just like in dating, if the person is not 100% physically attracted or ready for the offer…a small bribe can be used to obtain this permission.

This is called a lead magnet and it will often deliver on the promise of the Google or Facebook ad.

Casual Conversation

Now it’s time for some casual conversation, before you ask for the phone number.

In marketing, this would be the autoresponder or the drip feed emails that go out daily, weekly or on a sporadic basis.

These emails are designed to educate, entertain and demonstrate credibility.

Asking For The Phone Number

Okay, so now some casual conversation has happened… it’s time to go for the number close.

This is when someone (usually the guy) asks for a phone number.

With regard to marketing, this is a call to action either in an email or on your blog… but it usually signals that there’s a sales presentation or product offer on the other side.

Or in the words of Chris rock… Want some d**k?

Again, that’s going to be too direct… but if you’ve seen his act, you were probably thinking it too… and I just wanted to say it.

The First Phone Call

So here it is, the first phone call or in marketing, that would be your first sales presentation.

Up until now you really haven’t had any risk of rejection. What you say or do in that first presentation will determine whether or not the person goes forward or sends you back to loser-ville.

Your job is to put your best foot forward, show them why you are the best solution for their their need, problem or desire.

The Date Request

The date request is you finally asking for something from the other person.

Up until now every move other than them giving you the email has been initiated by you, now you are asking for the for sale.

This is that awkward moment where the date requester says… I’m going to be out with some friends on Friday night… you should come meet up with us, it will be fun.

And then that long awkward pause where are you really don’t know what’s going to happen and what the answer will be.

In marketing, often times people just aren’t ready yet. And really, the word “yet” is key here.

Because let’s face it, meeting someone for a beer is less commitment than breaking out your credit card for a monthly subscription.

Notice how I framed the date request in this case. Instead of saying, “would you like to go to dinner with me?”I crafted the invite to make it almost rejection proof.

First, I demonstrated social proof in that I have friends. Second, I made it light hearted and noncommittal when I said, meet up with us.

Truth be told, when I met my wife I was so busy partying as a single guy in Miami that most of this happened naturally. I was just out and about all the time.

With marketing, you want to do the same thing. You want to make your offer noncommittal without them ever really having a chance to say no. Instead of no, The answer is more like, not now.

If the person does buy from you the first time around, GREAT! But if they don’t, you want to present your offer in such way that the door is always open in the future.

Think about it this way… what if you asked the woman of your dreams out on a date and she said, “I can’t tonight I’m meeting my parents for dinner” and you said, “WELL SCREW YOU THEN!” You wouldn’t do that (hopefully) because that would ruin your chances of a future date.

The same goes for marketing. You aren’t going to call someone a loser or tell them they will never ever succeeded at anything in their life, just because they didn’t buy your product on the first go round.

As someone who has had this happen to him, not so directly, but the emotion was there, it totally ruined my relationship with the person and all I had said was that I wanted to wait for two months before committing to a $15k program with them.

Back to Casual Conversation?

So now, this is where gets a little tricky. You’ve asked for the first date or the first sale… and the person hasn’t responded. Here, you have two choices.

When a new interaction is required, like with dating, you maybe tempted to never contact them again.

But luckily in the marketing world, you can simply let your autoresponder continue to contact them and bring them back to your blog for additional content…all the while getting them more and more ready for the initial purchase.

It’s important here not to simply send them nine emails offering them the exact same thing they said no to.

That would be the equivalent of calling one time per week and saying, “Hi Judy… Ready for that date yet? No, Okay, talk to you next week!”.

Just as that wouldn’t work in the dating scenario, It’s not going to work with marketing either.

It’s very possible that your solution just doesn’t match up with your prospects need.

In the same way you are not going to be the perfect mate for every woman that you meet.

So show them your solution a different light.

Using your list of common problems, use your autoresponder emails to to bring them to your blog where you demonstrate how your solution IS the best solution for their problem.

This may take time or it may never happen.

The same goes for dating… your girlfriend or wife most definitely was not the very first woman you ever talk to.

In marketing, you need to have several prospects in the pipeline at all times.

It’s just the nature of the beast that a few will buy but most won’t.

The Second Date

Now comes the second date or the second sale or the upsell.

Let’s say that this person is now your customer. They have purchased from you once and they like what bought.

Now they want to know what else do you have?

First, it’s key that whatever they’ve purchased from you the first time was of high quality and they came back for more because they liked it.

So the upsell should just be more of what they liked the first time around. Make sense?

When selling a product or service, tests have shown that simply offering more of the same product or service is the best way to upsell.

But there’s a catch… Instead of offering the exact same thing, you offer bulk discount to buy more.

In dating, maybe your first date was an hour over beer or coffee and then a kiss on the cheek good night.

The second date could be tickets to a rock concert that is sure to be a longer more pleasurable experience and will likely end with more than a kiss on the cheek.

The Third Date and S-E-X (Yeah Baby!)

When it comes to the third date, this is you making your core offer… this is usually one of your higher-priced offers that has your most profit in it.

In dating, this is the dinner at the Space Needle or the romantic overnight at Snoqualmie Falls.

Both parties are making a significant investment in the evening. You both know each other by now.

There have been several phone calls and a few dates. Generally your core offer is between $497 and $1497 based on the current economy.

Your customer has already purchased from you on a lower level, say at a $47 one-time purchase and a $27/month subscription.

Now they are ready for the $497-$1497 sale. This will be your whole enchilada.

This is the “send it in the mail” big box that contains everything valuable that you put out to market.


This is arguably the best part of relationship. Everyone is happy and things are continuing forward as status quo.

Of course like any relationship, there will be problems. These can best be handled by having a community.

In this community, people will actually be able to get support not only from your staff but also from the other members of your program.

Just like dating, this status can go on for years and years without too much variation.

Unless you choose the wrong person…then, this period of time can be an absolute roller coaster both emotionally and physically.

We had a particular customer just recently that used our livechat service more than 70 times in one month and then asked for all of his money back.

That is an example of a bad relationship.

With your online business, you want as few bad relationships as possible.

We’ve had customers that buy everything we offer and never write in for any kind of support…other than to tell us what a great job we’re doing and how thrilled they are they’re finally making money online.

The Proposal, Engagement and Marriage

The proposal, engagement and marriage all kind of go together and are usually wrapped around a high-end offer such as a done for you implementation, specific business consulting, high-end coaching, a mastermind program or other high-priced offers.

Just like in the dating world, this is a delicate process because the stakes are very high.

A high-end offer might be anywhere from $2K to $30K in price. For many, this can be the equivalent of their entire life savings.


Just like the proposal and marriage, having children is another high-stakes venture.

If you currently have children you know that in marketing, the stakes are not as high, but, this is your reputation we are talking about.

If your customer’s happy, they will write you a testimonial and become an evangelist for your product.

Think about when you have really enjoyed a product or service. What do you do?

You tell everybody about it in hopes that they use it too.

It’s important that your customers think highly of you and respect you.

The very best way you can achieve this is to one, deliver on all of your promises.

And two, help them solve their problem be it more money, a better love life, greener vegetables, etc.

Essentially you are bringing them more of whatever they were looking for in their life.

So as you can see, having sex on the first date really gets in the way of creating a long-term relationship, both in business and in the world of relationships.

Now there are people out there that specifically target the quick-turn dollar.

I would sincerely urge you to instead create lasting relationships with your customers.

Here at NicheBuilder, we are happy to help you construct this type of business. Let us know where you are at right now, what’s holding you back and how we can help.

Until next time…stay awesome, keep learning and go forth and be fruitful!

Short on content?

Content Aggregation – How to Cure your Content Ills

Your audience and Google loves great, informative and fun content.

Marketer’s know content is what feeds their audience as well as the SERPs.

It can be time consuming, agonizing and expensive to pound out useful content from scratch.

So, many top marketing firms use content aggregation or curation.

You to can create extremely useful content by cutting and pasting, and curating your own content in the form of discussions, blogs, wiki’s, ebooks, emails, anywhere you can code.

On one extreme, content aggregation can be automated where content is scooped up by a robot and automatically published to your site or blog. Bots will aggregate or collect data from preset keywords or other targeting options, then republish on your website.

That type of content aggregation is not very valuable to most audiences and website visitors viewers. If too much work to find the information they are looking for, they will leave your site promptly.

On the other end of content aggregation is a process called content curation.

In it’s simplest form, it’s social bookmarking…like a facebook page where someone collects and posts links about a particular topic…like Paleo Diets.

A more marketable and controlled approach would be to build a resource page with your curated content.

Curated content has been touched by hand, more so assembled with intent.

This intent can be to make people laugh, inform/educate, entertain…whatever you do, make it about your audience.

Facebook does an amazing job at curating content, actually you do it for them.

It’s Genius.

For example, checkout The Paleo Diet Recipes page on Facebook

That page is full of aggregated content.

Link, photos, videos and text.

The links are from different websites, all supporting a Paleo lifestyle/diet.

Some of the content is original thanks to Facebook.

Facebook hosts the content curation and stimulates engagement on the curated facebook page.

So, Facebook sends traffic, allows hosting, and facilitates comments and clicks for the curated/aggregated page.

That’s some great content curation happening on Facebook, which is basically social bookmarking on steroids.

What’s even better than curating content on facebook, is curating content on your own website. You can architect your own value on a page that’s all yours, where you have the control.

That can easily be done on WordPress Blogs.

On your own WordPress Blog, you can curate content, links, photos videos from around the web. Tracking, offering products or lead magnets and retargeting features open up when you curate content on your own website.

This is especially important when you have an email list, as you can then drive traffic to curated posts on your blog that your list will love.

That’s the goal.

Curating content is a way to efficiently provide value for your list and also cold traffic from your market.

Here is a demonstration of content curation:

5 Keys to Content Aggregation/Curation

1. Quality and Value

As a content curator, you are marketing yourself as a supplier of good information: a funnel that filters out the crap and promotes the gems. The more people can count on you and the quality of your content sharing, the more they will eventually support you, share and click on your links, and recommend you to others. Quality is a differentiator as a curator. Content Curation – 5 Ways to Succeed

Yes, you want to share good information…the best stuff. If you sift through the less useful and less relative info online, and collect and present the most useful and entertaining content to your niche, that’s a big service.

2. Organization

In simple terms, the process of content curation is the act of sorting through large amounts of content on the web and presenting the best posts in a meaningful and organized way. The process can include sifting, sorting, arranging, and placing found content into specific themes, and then publishing that information. A Beginner’s Guide to Content Creation

This brings BIG Value to people. We’ve all been up late at night pouring through forums and videos to find key information. If you collect your best research and offer that to your Audience, that should really help them right?

So, like Pinterest Boards, Organize useful information…almost as a professor would for a class. This is cut and paste…pretty simple bookmarking here.

3. Relativity

…a content curator continually  seeks,  makes sense of,  and shares the best and most relevant content on a particular topic online.” Content Curation 101

Know your audience, and give them similar content around on theme.

Imagine if this post was an automated excerpt of every content curation article online. Wait…here’s an example of computer generated content aggregation.

There’s no love it that, and the articles won’t be related. Your viewers will be forced to work and sift through the topics to find the specific information that will help them or is more entertaining

Your vistors will Bounce!

Make your pages nice places to visit, where people will stay a while. That helps in creating good will with your list and warms visitors up to your offer.

4. Know Your Competition

…look at other sites that cover your chosen topic and ask yourself the following questions:

• Can I curate better than they can? Can you make your curation site more attractive to readers by offering greater depth of coverage, relevancy and/or consistency?

• Is there a better perspective or opposing point of view? Can you curate the same content from a different angle, highlighting a unique take on the topic?

•  Can I broaden or narrow my topic? Can you use increased specificity or, conversely, greater scope of topic to increase your content’s “discoverability?”

…excerpted from The Definitive Guide to Content Curation

See what people are sharing on social media and make it better. For example if the most shared post on the Paleo Facebook page was something about dessert recipes, then use that intel to know that’s the exact kind of information people are looking for on social media, and is exactly what you are going to improve and write about.

If there’s a viral post that has 12 Paleo Chocolate Deserts, organize content around 50 Paleo Desert Recipes.

Get my drift? Maybe you can organize the 10 Best Paleo Desert Videos onto a blog post, make comments or just add the videos. Always think of adding more value!

5. Headlines/Titles

Once you’ve gathered your fresh content, and deemed it worthy to republish on your social sites, the next step is ‘the attention grabber.’ Read the post thoroughly and create short updates that introduce the content to your community. Say something interesting and create a really great headline for each post. Never publish content without your own input or insight! Content Curation Vs Content Aggregation

Putting some effort into a good headline will pay dividends. You can start by molding your headline into one of the following formats:

Ask a Question – Example: Are there such thing as Paleo Desserts?
Add Numbers – 10 Paleo Diets in 3 Minutes or Less
Emotional Words/Adjectives: Fresh Recipes to Boost your Paleo Pride
Gain: Save Time with Paleo Meals
Prevent Loss: Don’t Eat Paleo Trash, Good Recipes Here

– Another demonstration of Content Curation/Aggregation: 

Top Photos/Infographics Demonstrating Content Curation


Sourced from 7 Key Tactics the Pros Use for Content Curation



Sourced from Infographic on Pinterest Page about Content Creation


This shows how a homepage can be turned into a Topic-relevant, aggregations of content. Sourced from InsuranceSplash


And, finally, here’s a piece from Digital Marketer…which demonstrates Content Aggregation.

Now that you are more familiar with content creation, you are likely going to notice more and more curated pages around the web. Here are some

More examples of content curation:

So get busy, and creative by curating your own content, right on your own blog!