Guaranteed Business Model for Online Marketing

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You’ve probably been pitched such garbage from internet marketers claiming this formula and that formula are the guaranteed path to success…and it’s funny because by law today you are entitled to your money back, but not entitled to success.

Are There Really Any Shortcuts?

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Need to Get the Word Out Fast? Facebook Boosted Posts

Boosting Facebook posts is one of the best and easiest get instant traffic to your WordPress Blog.

If you have a Facebook account, they make boosting posts easy…right from your Facebook Page.

So, now you can pay Facebook to promote your blog posts to groups of people that YOU select..

This is a major breakthrough, as Facebook’s advertising platform provides amazing targeting so you can instantly reach your audience online!

The targeting is Nutz…like Peanut Butter Nutz, take a look at this…where you can target people on mac’s that enjoy peanut butter cups!!


That’s just a loopy example…The long and short of it that you have Pinpoint Targeting in Facebook.

You’ll have tech tools with Deadly Accuracy at your fingertips…use them!


To be relevant and to reach the perfect audience!

Not to trick unsuspecting people into falling into your evil marketing funnel.
Use Facebook’s Targeting to find the people who you will bring value to.

Actually, Facebook will banish you for being a sleezey salesman.

Using the word “Weight Loss” alone even get you banned from Facebook Ads.

Read the Facebook Ad Policy, it’s really quite interesting, before you Boost your first post

Facebook wants to help drive traffic to your great blog.

So use the targeting to find those who will love your blog!

Once you find the right people, then it’s time to engage them!

If you want to expand your audience greatly, plan building an email list, use retargeting and make fresh and relevant content.

So, that’s the Map…The big picture.

How to Boost a Facebook Post:

Once you have a blog and a Facebook page, and have read Facebook’s ad policy, Boosting a post consists of a few steps.

*If you don’t have a blog or a facebook page, Nichebuilder will help you build a blog and has training on how to make a killer facebook page.

Once you have those set up along with your first post written it’s time to go out and boost your post.

Add your blog post or link to your pages facebook newsfeed.



Now you can click boost or hope for the best…or optimize your post and make good things happen.

How to Get the Most out of a Boosted Post:

Here’s how to Optimize a Boosted Post On Facebook:

You can alter the Text before or after your link, change the photo, headline and subheadline.


Headline Optimization

Headlines should be well thought out!

If your headline doesn’t connect with your audience immediately, they will be on to the next shiny object.

Headlines preframe your entire blog post and the end result you are seeking.

So put some effort into your headline.

What do you want to say to people Core to Core…create intrigue…get people interested?

What is the first thing you want to tell someone about your blog post?

Once you have that, consider the following tactics to get your Boosted post heard over all the other noise.


Gang Psychology Headlines

This is where people will take action because other people are taking action…gang or group psychology.

This works well if you are giving away valuable content like tips and strategies that other people find success with.

So, you can include a word like Everyone, or a Famous Person, that your Niche adores.


“99% of Organic Farmers Use This”
“Every Profitable Website Has This”

Those are just some examples of how to make your Headline more intriguing.

*Make sure you’re headlines are congruent with your content on your website!

Fear Headlines

If you find a concern that your readers have, and address it in your headline, it is better positioned to capture that important click or a share.

Give a consequence of what might happen if people don’t act on or read your blog post.


“#1 Soil Fungus That is Killing Tomatoes”
“Why You Shouldn’t Touch Tomatoes”
“Is Someone Stealing Your Passcodes?”


Give a benefit people will gain from reading your blog post.


“500% more Tomatoes With This Trick”

Other Headline tips include:

• Using Numbered Lists: 10 Best Tomato Seeds
• Asking a Question: What’s Your Favorite Seeds?

Text Optimization


Repeat or rephrase your headline here. Also, a call to action can bump conversion rates, telling people to click on your ad…but subtly.

You should fill this up with relevant benefits from reading your post and preframe your offer(if you have one)

There is enough room to handle objections here as well, so speak to your audiences concerns.

Photo Optimization


You can delete or upload a different photo for your post. To stand out, your photo should be interesting or funny.

Per Facebook rules, it cannot be more than 20% Text.

Make sure the photo is relative to the content on your site as well.

Cartoons, graphs, and pictorials are HOT on Facebook right now.

Time to Publish!

I recommend you publish your post to preview and proof it before boosting.

You will have an option to boost right after you publish.

Ok, so when you have proofed your Facebook post, you can click “Boost” From your page here.


That Opens a Window For Targeting and Budget:

So first, you’ll want to select an Audience. This what makes facebook so useful…they give you options on who to target.

You can target people who like your page and their friends!


That’s word of mouth advertising on Steroids

What if I don’t have Friends?
Well, not really friends, but fans. If your page is new and you don’t yet have many followers of fans, Facebook Facebook has you covered.


Here’s where you can target people who might like your blog based on metrics of:

• Location
• Age
• Gender and
• Interests

The interest targeting is critical to finding the right blog visitors.

Play around with different words and topics to see what suggestions facebook will provide you.

You can also search facebook for pages that have fans that might be interested in a blog like yours

Look around at the popular pages in your niche. If they are big enough, you can target their fans!

Budget, Duration and Payment

One of the last steps to boosting a Facebook posts is setting up your Budget, duration of campaign and your payment. This is straightforward and not much need for optimizing yet.

Start with a small amount…at least $20 to get some clicks and views of your blog posts.

Then Boost!

Want Better Targeting Options and Cheaper Clicks?

That’s available in the Facebook Ads Manager.



Here, you get access to advanced targeting options, which are based on behavior and other metrics from Facebook’s data partners Datalogix, Epsilon, Acxiom, and BlueKai.

When you boost a post you have to pay for any engagement(comment, like, click).

However, if you select, “Send People to Your Website”, then you only pay for clicks.


Advanced Targeting in the Ads Manager.

The Main Targeting Difference with Boosting Posts from The Ads Manager is that you get behavioral Targeting, in Addition to the interest targeting.

They are mutually inclusive.

So, your audience will need to meet one of your Interest Requirements And Behavioral Requirements.


You’ll also have the option to bid for impressions or clicks.

You pay CPM, or Cost Per 1000 Impressions, or CPC, Cost per click.

The Ads Manager also gives you with the ability to create an ad without making a post in Facebook, “A Dark Post”.

Additional targeting options and settings are also available in the Ads Manager, but that’s for a separate blog post.

Just be aware you can boost your post or better yet, pay for clicks to drive traffic to your blog instantly, and if you poke around with the advanced targeting in the Ads Manager, you’ll have a better chance at having the right people read your blog post.

It’s not an Exact Science –

The whole facebook ads platform still in its infancy…so don’t expect targeting to be exact…you may miss a few times before you find the right group of people.

So, boost your post and then be sure to look at the Facebook and Google Analytics:

Facebook Analytics:

You want to see how your Boosted Post ad performed. In the ads manager you can see the data on your boosted post. You will get metrics like clicks, shares and Ad Quality Score.

Using this data, you can modify your existing ad/boost based on the Facebook results.

Google Analytics:

Google Analytics will tell you if people are reading your article, or “bouncing” right way.

Once you have Google Analytics setup, you can see how long each visitor spends on a specific blog post.

If you don’t have success at first, don’t give up. One change can make all of the difference.

Causes of poor boosted Post performance:

Bidding – Budget too low.
Targeting – Wrong interests, not a big enough market segment
Blog – Not the right Content, poorly formatted.

Don’t give up! Keep reading articles like this and get some more pointers on how to drive happy traffic and visitors from facebook.

And remember, you can always optimize!