Is Google Showing your Videos for Free?

Is Google Showing your Videos for Free?
Is Google Showing your Videos for Free?

How to get Google to Show your Videos For Free

With some careful architecting, Youtube videos are still able to rank in Google. See, the Google algorithm gives extra favor to Youtube Videos. Youtube also boasts the most amount of registered users of any social network…and the competition is limited because:

You Need a Video!

But that’s easy because it’s Youtube.

There’s no need to make a “Super Bowl” quality video. Home made videos crush it on Youtube, it’s not so much about the camera…it’s the content…deliver something of value in your video, make sure the audio is good, optimize your video and youtube will help you build a free traffic source

Making useful and entertaining content of the video is up to you. Youtube and its viewers favor Tutorials(like how to videos), Action(sports), and Funny(dog/blooper videos).

Once you have a video that will provide entertainment or inform your niche, it’s time to get your Youtube video to rank and have Google promote your video for Free.

How? By adding your keywords in the right places.


Know your Keywords. You can find your keywords with a keyword tool like Nichebuilder, or Google.

Once you know your keywords, you can reverse engineer some of the ranking videos for free! No special software required.

Just type one of your keywords into google search. See how they are ranking, and what keywords are highlighted in the search results.

Notice where the keywords are on each line of the search results.


Then, click on the video and look at the description and video.

In the description, also note what they are using for long tail keywords, outbound links and other ranking factors.

Then right click to see the tags or keywords that were added to the video ash shown below.


Scan through the code to find the <meta name=…> tag.

Now you have your video keywords.

The organic tomato video has:

<meta name=”keywords” content=”tomato, tomato growing help, organic growing, BER, fertilize, beginner, sustainable, organically, gardening, garden, ez, tips,, aquaponic, tom…”>

After these fun and informative spy activities, you’ll want to take the intelligence you have gathered and now it’s time to upload and optimize your video.

Prime places for Keywords in Youtube are:

Channel Title
Channel Tags
Video Filename
Video Description
Video Title
Video Tags
Google+ Page(you need one to have a youtube page)

Start with optimizing your channel. Make a niche channel around your subject. Then add your keywords to the channel title, channel url, channel tags, and Channel Art filename.

Then add your keywords to the filename of your before you upload to Youtube!

Then you want your keywords in the first two lines of your description and in the title 2x. The title should have keywords, but no keyword stuffing. You need to entice real viewers to click to get engagement points.


Want ways to even boost your rankings further?

Add a subscribe watermark to your videos. When people subscribe to your channel, it sends useful engagement signals to Google’s algorithm tells Google that people are watching your video.

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