What The Hell Do I Blog About?

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Getting started as a blogger, you start to think of different things… The first one probably being, what the #$%^ (bleep) do I write about?

Writers block can find itself in the blogging world as “bloggers block”. This is that frustrating feeling that you don’t know what to write about.

So let’s solve this problem…

The Brain Dump

The first thing I like to do when filling up my blog is the same thing that I like to do when writing books, I do a brain dump.

This is me setting the timer for five minutes and then writing down everything I can possibly think about, that has to do with my subject.

Now, if you don’t know what subject you want to be in, go ahead and take a look at this post on choosing your niche.

So let’s do this for our niche… the blog and make money online niche… [word cloud]

Blogging, blogger, make money online, affiliate marketing, email marketing, MacBook air, dictation getting started, having fun, software, content management, WordPress, keyword tool, internet marketing, money, retire young, travel the world, freedom

And this would be just a short example of one of my brain dumps. It can go on for several hours. But one things for sure, I won’t be able to say that I have nothing to write about.

I find five minutes to be a good amount of time to get 30 words or phrases on the table.

Creating Quick Post Titles

So now that I have these items written down, the next thing I want to do is create a blog post title for each of these words.

That would look something like this…

  • How to Get Started Blogging
  • Why You Should Pass On Blogger
  • Making Money Online is Easier With This Plan
  • What Is Affiliate Marketing?
  • Is Email Marketing the Same As Lead Generation?
  • How I Run My Business From My MacBook Air
  • Does WordPress Still Give the Best Blog?

Okay, you get the picture… No need to do all 20 right now. And you don’t have to either. Just get the first 5 done, and by done I mean, on the web, published, live!

Voice Your Opinion

Writing a blog is your chance to voice your opinion rather than state the facts.

So if someone is telling you that the sky is blue for example, this is where you will showed that it’s actually blue green.

So let’s do that… For the titles you just created above, think about how you will approach each one with your not so common Point of view.

When blogging, There is a saying it’s called kicked the hornets nest. What that means is you want to write with a controversial tone.

For example, if everyone is excited that Barack Obama is coming to town… you right why it’s the worst thing that’s ever happen to your town, make sense?

The reason you do this is because it gets people interacting. Just make sure that whenever you’re opinion is, You can back it up at least a little bit. Don’t be afraid of a fight!

Solve a Problem For Your Readers

Still have writers block? No worries, let’s talk about your so-called readers. Maybe your Google analytics hasn’t spiked through the roof with new traffic just yet, but you’ve got a pretty good idea who your readers are. If you don’t, you want to check out my post on creating your customer avatar.

So, let’s make a list… What’s bugging them? Top five!

If we were looking at my market and convincing people they should blog every day, the problems might be something like this…

  1. Can I really make money blogging? Like full-time money?
  2. Where can I find cheap reliable hosting for my blog?
  3. What should I blog about?
  4.  Should I promote other peoples products or my own products, or both?
  5. How can I do all of this without being a techie?

Do It Yourself (DIY), Checklists and Tutorials

Along with solving a problem, creating a do-it-yourself article that takes them step-by-step through one of those problems will get you likes, shares, re-tweets and all of the other social mojo that you not only desire, but you absolutely need if you’re going to make impact in your market.

Checklists or another Great resource for people. Giving them something that they can download and print out and put it on the wall or have on their desk is even better. Making the transition from online to their off-line world this huge step in the right direction.


Infographics are Visual diagrams of a process. They show the reader visually how to get from point A to point D or from step 1 to step 6 without a break in the action.

Usually the map will be done on just one page so the users mind can see the entire process from start to finish.

This is done visually so that’s something that would normally be technical or complicated in nature is digesting easily by the mind.

You can get infographics done anywhere from $5 dollars on Fivver to $5,000 dollars for something very custom.

We have a source for great illustrations in info graphic format for around $200 dollars. Email me at support@nichebuilder.com for the contact information.

Reveal and Remove Their Fears

Along the lines of solving their problems, you can also help to remove their fears.

What are they afraid of?

If you were blogging about something that is dear to your heart…then what are you afraid of?

Louis C.K., A famous comedian says he likes to bring to light the subjects that people talk about it in quiet with respectful fear.

Then he just beats that subject to death over and over again from 20 different angles with humor to remove the fear.

This technique works tremendously with subjects that your readers care about is well.

For example, have you ever gone through it step-by-step tutorial that maybe even had 15 steps to it?

But by the time you finished that tutorial, you got the results you wanted without the frustration along the way.

That’s what I’m talking about here.

Show Them Something New

Readers also want to learn something new, this helps them feel knowledgeable in relation to their peers.

Think about the last time you knew something before your circle of friends. Maybe it was a new movie that just came out and you saw it first.

Funny how much better it was when you know no one you’re talking to has ever seen it, same goes for travel.

When you have been to some place that your friends haven’t, you can recommend all of the things that created your best memories there.

Niche It Down

Let’s say that you want to start a blog about organic gardening.

So, rather than trying to be the organic gardening guru… how about you become the organic gardening guru for your particular region, climate or elevation.

Pick a niche that you can actually corner the market on.

You would be better to have 2,000 fans that love and adore you than 20,000 fans that barely know who you are.

Give Them What’s Missing?

In our case, what’s missing from other make money blogging blogs… or blogs about blogging, is the complete solution.

So many blogs about blogging are just simply trying to push you to an affiliate offer for hosting.

They are like a one string banjo… playing the same tune over and over and over again.

What we have found is that it’s better to cover the entire “make money from the Iinternet” spectrum and provide value to our customers versus a quick ask for a sale.

The same goes for whatever topic you’re looking at.

Give them a wider or higher elevation view than the common pitch of least resistance that everyone is doing.

Teach Them About You

A very well-known blogger by the name Steve Chou remarked that when he first launched his product, he was trying to just teach, teach, teach, all the time, and while the engineering mind inside of us tells us this is what people want, they actually want to know about you the person that is teaching them even more.

Steve said that once he started revealing his story that brought him to the point of creating his blog, sales quadrupled within just a few months.

How about telling them 15 quirky things about you that make up your personality.

Write your life story from start to finish, from childhood to today.

Make it one long post or use parts of it to teach lessons to your readers.

Help your reader connect with you, because when they know who you are, they can then begin to care about your cause.

Post pictures from your life and not just pictures related to your blog message.

Did you recently get engaged? Write a post about it.

Do you have a cool workspace like A high-rise view or a rooftop patio?

Show it to them!


I can’t stress this one enough, when you are writing or dictating as I am doing right now using the dictation feature on my MacBook Air and my kick ass SoundTrue™ headphones by Bose… this doesn’t even feel like work, and you know the old adage, “if you love what you do, you never work another day in your life”.

But more than that, try picking a subject where your natural tone will be a benefit rather than a penalty to your readers.

Think of it this way… Jim Carrey shouldn’t be writing about how to stay out of the public eye. His entire life has been lived, enjoyed and scrutinized by the public eye.

What Would You Read?

When you’re blogging, try and think about what you would find interesting.

I used to have a writer help me with one of my technology blogs, I asked her to daily take a look at all the news related to Google and other web technologies.

She had really simple instructions… just write about what interest you.

She tended to write a lot about Google glass and digital tattoos. That was what interested her, and I would suggest that you do the same thing.

You are probably your best reader and guess what, there are ton of people just like you out there.

You’d actually be surprised how many people are a lot like you in the world and are waiting to hear your voice.

Chase Your Passion

This subject kinda follows the same thread as the last two paragraphs in that you want to blog about something that you are passionate about.

Think about when you sit down to read the news online or other blogs or watch YouTube videos.

What are you looking at? Try to relate those items back to what you’re blogging about.

You see, most people aren’t just mono-subject oriented. They want to know about all sorts of subjects… probably the same subjects that you are passionate about.

If you could write about just one thing though, What would it be?

Think of it this way… If you could get up in the morning and write about just one thing… What would it be?

That is probably your passion! Write about that and don’t stop until it’s getting you what you want from it, be it money, fame, respect, recognition or some combination of all of these.

Are You Spending Money Here?

This is kind of a gut check question. Whatever the subject is that you’re interested in… be it Donald Trump for president (which I find fascinating) or Vinyasa hot yoga (which I do for exercise)… am I spending money there?

Well at least on the yoga side I spent quite a bit of money.

Between my wife and I, We probably spent round $300-$400 a month on classes, waters, books, blocks or whatever else can move our passion forward.

I find that it is a little unfair to expect others to spend money on something that you are not willing to.

Remember, these people are most likely just like you. If you won’t spend money there, they probably won’t either.

Ready to Start Blogging?

We are anxious to help you move your blog business forward.

We’d love to show you the powerful tools that we have in place to help you get started fast and keep your momentum, even when times get tough…

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