There’s a Plug-in For That! 5 Key WordPress Plugins


Let’s face it, wordpress wouldn’t be anywhere near as attractive as an all around, bad ass lead and sale generating platform without it’s Plugins.

At the time of this article, there are 39,695 Free plugin downloads for the WordPress open source CMS.

Plugins and their tireless developers have helped wordpress move beyond a simple blogging CMS, to create high end marketing websites with full functionality.

If you want your website to do anything imaginable…from running a raffle to downloading data into quickbooks, developers have likely coded a solution as a WordPress Plugin.

Many WordPress Themes now come pre-programmed with some of the top plugin features.

So the WordPress themes are advancing with the plugins!

It’s become a symbiotic monster of success because:

Traffic Loves WordPress
Wordpress can do Anything
*If it can’t, make a plugin that will…

That’s what companies like Nichebuilder do. Once wordpress functions are dreamt up, the team will make bring that concept to life.

If Nichebuilder wants some crazy marketing link coaking do-hickey, they just make it up(see casino near fresno)

The moment a plugin is made, and a new function of wordpress born.

So, now you see what’s possible in the big picture.

To start with a great foundation of plugins for a marketing website, first consider adding these

5 Key Functions or Plugins For Your WordPress Blog:

1. Contact Forms

Let’s get something straight right now. WordPress won’t work for lead generation and sales without contact forms. You need that sidebar or end of post widget, which will allow people to contact you with ease and submit their information.

Nichebuilder hosting has a contact form built in.  People who aren’t on Nichebuilder hosting will require

Make sure to keep this plugin up to date if you use it…1 Million+ installs…the hackers are after it.

Contact Form 7 allows you to use shortcode to insert a contact form after any blog post, page, footer or widget…

See the power?

2. On Page SEO

Once you build a website, you will need traffic. Organic traffic can come, but rarely by chance.

You need to do On page or on site SEO, optimizing your pages for search engines and visitors.

Done right, you can rank your WordPress Site with On Page SEO alone.

To save you from doing a bunch of coding, Plugins like victoryland casino and All In One SEO assist you in building your on page SEO architecture, with easy to fill fields and really helpful tools.

Some of these tools allow you to select which photos and text are shared when visitors share your link in social media, like the Facebook.

Additionally, they help you with your meta tags, analyze your keyword use, furnish xml sitemaps and robots.txt.

SEO plugins Save Time and help you Rank.

3. Social Sharing Buttons

These convenient and slick buttons help create automatic and natural backlinks to your site.

These buttons help your site’s visitors share your posts, pages, photos and homepage.

That helps your visitors are make backlinks for you, which is great for SEO and also free, organic traffic from social media.

atlantic city casino hotels is my absolute, best functioning and do it all social share plugin.

*I recommend having a share bar at the top and bottom of the content on each post, so before and after content…that gives people a chance to share your story if they get distracted and don’t read to the bottom.

4. Security

WordPress is prone to hacks. From outdated plugins and themes to login attacks, Alot of wordpress sites get hacked and then robots take over the server, sending out all those Viagra and Nigerian prince emails.

Or whatever they want to use your server for.

Don’t let that happen.

Server security is one level, and wordpress security is another. There are a few plugins that allow you to monitor logins, site changes, protect against attacks and receive alerts regarding outdated plugins.

Wordfence is one of the most popular and easy to use out there. It has the main functions you need to monitor security, and protect against certain attacks.

5. Commerce

Want to turn your WordPress Blog into an Online Store?

WordPress is the prime meeting point of content and commerce. Never has it been so easy to surround your products and services with useful content. Content which is the driving force of traffic, and is what ultimately brings people online, information.

Having your products strategically positioned around useful and entertaining blog posts, provides those results in advance…and the content is a traffic magnet.

The absolute hot, hot commerce plugin for wordpress is Woocommerce. It will turn your blog into an online store Today.

Much more than a Shopping Cart, Woocommerce is product and payment management.

It’s function and flexibility beats Shopify and Magento, hands down.


So, that’s just a taste, the most critical functions or plugins you need to add to stock wordpress or at least investigate.

There are loads more, you can access right from within the wordpress editor, on, or the plugin developer pages.

The best place to search for new plugins is by keyword from the wordpress editor.

With the search results, you’ll get instant ratings, and be able to install the plugin right from the editor.

And if you don’t find that perfect function that you absolutely need your website to have, then have someone make a Plugin For That!

You can find plugin developers on locally on Craigslist or Internationally Upwork.

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